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The Impact Strategy

Fitness Focus: Core & Pelvis
Difficulty: Moderate
Language: English
Run Time: 2 hours


The Impact Orgasm occurs when a woman is stimulated using hitting strokes or Impact Strokes. Learn how to use your stroke skills to cause Impact Orgasms with the interactive materials in this package.

If you like performing with a style where you pull her into your stroke pick up some extra skills that will make them feel you more while triggering additional lubrication and minimizing pain. There is an art to the hard styles.

Diversity is the spice of good sex, having the ability to give her different kinds of orgasms depending on the mood, depending on the passion, depending on what you want her to think about you.

Knowing how to give it to her hard, and RIGHT is a skill every man should possess.

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What Do You Get?

  1. - Impact Strokes Overview with 80-10-10 sexual strategy
  2.  -Impact Strokes Overview Step by Step written component
  3. - Impact Strokes Being Used To Bring A Woman To Orgasm
  4. - How To Trigger an Impact Orgasm
  5. - How To Perform an Impact Stroke
  6. - How To Train an Impact Stroke
  7. - Explicit video of Impact Stroke being used to trigger orgasm

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