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Compression Strategy
Compression stroking is a foundation block of your sexual physique.
It gives the skill of applying pressure through the male sex tool to trigger Orgasms
Where 80-10-10 and tantra bodybuilding gives you the moves,
Compression Stroking gives the skill to turn pleasure into orgasm by pushing spots.
Understanding compression is essential to understand stroking as a majority of strokes
require adding pressure to spots for them to work.
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Fitness Focus: Core & Pelvis
Difficulty: Moderate
Language: English
Run Time: 50 minutes
Program Features
Introduction Guide to Compression Stroking
Course Guide for Compression Stroking
An Explicit demonstration of compression during intimacy
A Practice Training Guide
Bonus How to Stroke While She is experiencing orgasm
The Compression Training Technique
Photo Gallery

Add the Compression Orgasm to your skills arsenal.