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The 80-10-10 Stroke Strategy

Fitness Focus: Core & Pelvis
Difficulty: Moderate
Language: English
Run Time: 2 hours


80-10-10 is the strategy at the foot of the SSE Training pyramid and key to making a woman orgasm using stroke skills. it gives men a way to attach the right stroke to each shape change a womans vagina experiences during sex

It is the foundation of the whole system. This is an 80-10-10 intensive course.
We urge you to start here and build a concrete foundation to launch your skills from.

Stroke Skills are used within this strategy in order to help women to orgasm.
If men do not have a strategy to uncover how to make a woman climax they are left fumbling and guessing.

The 80-10-10 Sexual Strategy gives you an approach to engage any woman and use your stroke skills to reveal her orgasmic code , even if she herself has no idea what makes her climax.

Featured Program Elements

  • Introduction Guide to 80-10-10
  • A Video on how to tell when and how the vagina changes
  • A Video on how to know how to adjust so she always feels you
  • Course Guide for the 80-10-10
  • An Audio Course on the 80-10-10 Sexual Strategy
  • An Explicit Video demonstrating the 80-10-10 technique during intimacy
  • An Exclusive Stroke Skill specifically for training the 80-10-10
  • A Practice Training Guide
  • How To Train your 80-10-10 for use
  • Rhythm Guide Bonus : training to sharpen your stroking prowess


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