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Stroke Balance logocopy

Stroke : Balance is a system that looks to help practitoners master their
ability apply their weight through their pelvis and penis. When intimate
the ability to create friction is essential. Friction is created by the
proper application of one's body weight through their member combined
with movement. Movement  + Pressure = Friction.

This system is comprised of dozens of unique positioning and motility
exercises that help users achieve balance and endurance in their
hips, psoas and lower lumbar. These areas are the areas that are
most functional during coitus.

Use the same routines in your relationship to add unmatched versatility
and variety to your intimate moments. Every rep makes you better in bed

Product Details
Fitness Focus: Core & Pelvis
Difficulty: Moderate
Language: English
Run Time: 90 minutes
  • Step by step audio walkthroughs of each section
  • HD Video techniques - see each exercise and technique work in real time
  • Breathing Mastery - Strategy for harder erections, stamina and cock control
  • Vivid Guides and Charts - ensure that you understand the science
  • Training Routine Generator - allows you to practice and improve in just minutes
  • Body Type Sync - An Indepth look at your body type's as it pertains to friction generation
  • Training Music - Build sexual rhythm and intuition during training
  • SSE Community - Support, Add ons and Freebies from a group of TantaBB practitioners
  • Illustrated Training Guide.

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Custom Workout & Peronal Training

Get a customized workout schedule and Hands on personal training with a Zenity Fitness Rep as a part of this package


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