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Zenity’s So Tight Fitness is the workout of the century, burning up to 250 calories in 15 minutes while building Core Strenth, Balance, and Flexibility. The secret of So Tight’s ’s irresistible appeal is the integration of sensual rhythmic movement with deep activation of the Psoas muscle, best identified as the core of your core muscles.   The Psoas is the deepest muscle within our core’s connective tissues, extending from the solar plexus, transcending the pelvis and wrapping around thigh joints at the hip flexor.  In addition to coordinating right and left, back and front, upper and lower body, it creates a muscular shelf for kidneys and adrenals, stimulates circulation to internal organs and bridges the belly enteric brain, central and autonomic nervous systems.  In activivating the Psoas, concentrating on rhythmic movement from spine to thigh, So Tight quicky raises the heart rate, works up a sweat and simultaneously stretches forgotten corners and connective tissues.  Its easy and exhilarating to get swept up in So Tights’s winds and grinds while toning up and becoming stronger and freer at deeper primordial levels.


WITH OVER 5 INTERNATIONAL SO TIGHT SYSTEMS have found a fun and engaging way of getting in shape that has benefits from the Boardroom to the Bedroom!

-Have fun while you tone and shape your abs  you 

-Tighen your body inside and out 

-Exercise PC muscles while you exercise 

-Workout to the international array So Tight Style rhythms and styles

A unique aspect of our So TIGHT programs is in its ability to build benificial muscle memory. The repetitive nature of the actions creates mental linages that helps those actions to be performed both easier and with more fluidity. In the case of SO TIGHT PT muscle memory built from exercise is directly applicable in your relationship. Beyond just stoking your inner furnace and burning fat,  So Tight’s unique core activation process also helps augment structural alignment and pelvic stability, improve rhythmic mastery and enhance flexibility, all of which lead to better peformance in many areas of one’s life.  In addition, stimulation of the Psoas has been demonstrated to help release negative emotional patterns and move vital energy up from the base of the spine, thus rejuvenating the body and mind.


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People who engage in SO TIGHT exercise experience a healthier sex life, reports better performance in their jobs, a more fulfilling relationship a positive self image and belief in ones capacity to overcome and achieve.

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