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Hi Im Montique!
I am a Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutrition Coach who is based in the Washington D.C area and has been helping people gain a higher level of self and fitness and health for over 10 years.

Regular exercise and sexual activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle which can make you look good, feel good, and live longer, with less disease and illness related problems. Relationships are another important part of a healthy life, and understanding the most we can about our bodies and our partners bodies on can help strengthen relationships as well as your body and mind. Zenity is a wholistic fitness program that incorporates performance enhancement programs into your exercise regimines for both male and female participants.

The So Tight Fitness™ program for women focuses on exercising the Psoas and core development while improving kegal strength.

S.T.R.O.K.E Skills for men incorporates anatomical knowledge with a work out regimine that targets many muscle groups and ability levels to achieve ripped abs and a body skilled in sensual movement and endurance.

Both the So Tight Fitness and S.T.R.O.K.E Skills programs improve strength, muscle tone and even weight loss. Additional benefits are heart health and lung capacity, and improved blood flow to both muscles and erogenous zones .

Zenity´s programs can be engaged independently or as a part of a workout plan. They provide access to physical improvement that cannot be achieved during regular weight training or calisthenic exercises.

A unique aspect of our Zenity Programs is in its ability to build benificial muscle memory. The repetitive nature of the actions creates mental linages that helps those actions to be performed both easier and with more fluidity. In the case of S.T.R.O.K.E Skills and So Tight Fitness muscle memory built from exercise is directly applicable in your romantic life. Muscle memory built from the gym is only applicable in picking up and putting down weights. Moreover practice will increase the heart rate to incorporate cardiovascular workout that will improve stamina and can boost an individual’s immune system.

People who engage in regular exercise experience a healthier sex life, reports better performance in their jobs, a more fulfilling relationship, and has lower recorded incidences of mental disorders, depression and suicide. However, the best thing that comes from exercise and a healthy relationship is positive self image and belief in ones capacity to overcome and achieve.